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Mask Usage, Vaccinations Recommended In County

COVID cases, fueled by the Delta variant, are once again on the rise in Stanislaus County.

While students are heading back to school and the region had hopes of returning to a more ‘normal’ state than at any time in the past several months, officials are nonetheless offering some cautionary recommendations. Masks are being required in school classrooms and many businesses are continuing to require them as well. Even those who are fully vaccinated are being advised to mask up as a way to protect against the Delta strain.

Numbers released by the Stanislaus County Health Systems Agency showed that, as of 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 10, there have been 1,100 deaths in the county as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. There have been 61,061 positive COVID cases and 58,381 recovered cases.

Daily hospitalizations and reported positive tests have begun to rise again and the county website offers information on several facets of COVID, including where to go for free COVID testing and where to go for vaccinations.

The county updates the number of positive cases, deaths and recovered cases on a daily basis, Monday through Friday.