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Musicality, Family Fun Shared At Hip Hop Camp
The troops at Hip Hop Camp were all smiles after their performance on Friday, June 7 for family members and are shown here with instructors Stephanie Argumedo and Vanessa Argumedo.News Photos By Virginia Still
The hip hop campers got their family involved on the final performance of the week with a game that everyone smiling and laughing.
The first session of Hip Hop Camp was completed last week where dancers learned two routines.News Photos By Virginia Still

The first session of Hip Hop Camp was completed last week in Riverbank and the second session is currently underway for ages 5 through 12. There were about 13 participants last week that learned two different routines to two different song mixes. Along with a few roll-offs, eight count, focus and emotion the crew entertained friends and family at their final performance this past Friday, June 7.

“They all did really good everyday throughout the whole week,” stated Camp Leader Stephanie Argumedo. “They were really quick which is always so impressive because we do some harder moves to challenge them. By Tuesday mid-day they had one of the routines done. They finished it.”

There were several new faces this year at hip hop camp but the co-ed crew in the variety of ages and levels learned how to groove together Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until noon. The campers also added new moves the final day of camp to the second routine that was performed for parents.

The song mixes were selected by Argumedo, co-instructor Vanessa Argumedo and the students but they cannot be too long or too short. The formations were a little tricky for the younger participants but with help from the instructors and their fellow dancers, it was a success.

“Stephanie and Vanessa always do such a great job with this camp,” expressed Julia Petit, Recreation Supervisor. “They love to dance and love the kids. You can definitely tell at the performance.”

“They did really good,” stated Argumedo. “We didn’t have anybody crashing into each other. The big ones always help out with the little ones. The kids are just great.”

Before the Hip Hop campers performed this past Friday they took some family members out on the floor to warm up to the Cha Cha slide. Then they entertained the audience with two performances. After the performance they had one more activity for guests where they joined them on the floor in a musical chairs type of game. There was laughter and smiles throughout the gym not only on the floor but in the stands as well.

“I think the kids had fun,” stated Petit. “I loved the performance! What a talented group. It’s always fun to see parents get involved too. I think the kids really enjoy the chance to show the parents what they did at the camp. I thought the game that they did with the parents was a lot of fun.”

The City of Riverbank Parks and Recreation offers local youth a variety of camps and special events throughout the summer. There is a Princess Spa Day scheduled for ages 4 to 8 on June 26, as well as an upcoming Mad Scientist Day Camp for ages 5 to 9, and sports camps.

For more information pick up an activity guide at the Parks and Rec office, sign up in the office or go online to