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National Night Out Neighbors, Police Band Against Crime
Residents gathered outdoors during the evening of Tuesday, Aug. 5 to meet their neighbors and the police, talk and eat and show a united front against crime in the annual National Night Out event.

In Riverbank, as in numerous communities across the country, neighbors organized street parties and mingled with police officers, firefighters, city officials and others who toured the city and arrived with flashing emergency lights and the wail of sirens.

Law enforcement officers showed off their motorcycles and patrol units to fascinated children, neighbors spread outdoor tables with refreshments and police handed out stuffed animals and other toys to children.

At one event, Riverbank High cheerleaders strutted their stuff and showed off aerial poses and stunts. At several other sites, a police dog named Rudy and his handler Deputy Mark Drewry showed off his speed and agility in running down and detaining "a suspect," teeth clamped firmly around the padded, protective sleeve on the officer's arm.

Officials often split into two teams to cover five sites in two hours scattered throughout the city. They visited Wisconsin Court in the "States Streets," River Terrace off Estelle Avenue, Browns Court south of Morrill Road, Creek Bend Court off Roselle Avenue and Prestwick Drive in River Cove.