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Net Price Calculators Can Help Estimate College Costs
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Graduating high school students can get an idea of how much it may cost to attend a college or technical school using the school’s net price calculator, according to KHEAA.

Net price calculators give families a clearer idea of expenses at each school, so they can compare, plan and save.

Students and parents must enter information about the student’s academic record and the parents’ finances to get a net price estimate for the cost of attending a trade school, two-year community college or four-year school. Families should look for the net price, not the net cost.

The net price is how much a family can expect to pay toward a student’s technical or college education, including any loans. The net cost will be lower than the net price because the net cost doesn’t include loans, which have to be repaid.

KHEAA is a public, non-profit agency established in 1966 to improve students’ access to college. It provides information about financial aid and financial literacy at no cost to students and parents.

KHEAA also helps colleges manage their student loan default rates and verify information submitted on the FAFSA. For more information about those services, visit

In addition, KHEAA disburses private Advantage Education Loans on behalf of its sister agency, KHESLC. For more information, visit