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New Deputy Assigned To Patrol
Deputy Gregory Buck recently joined the Riverbank Police Services as a patrol officer.

Now 23, Buck was hired by the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department 10 months ago after a six-month training course at the police academy. He served on patrol in south Modesto before being assigned to Riverbank.

He was born and raised in the Ceres area where his parents still live and he was home schooled. Following graduation, he worked as a manager for Round Table restaurants for four years in Ceres, Modesto, Ripon, Stockton and Riverbank before joining the Sheriff's Department.

"I always wanted to get into law enforcement and make it a career," he said.

The Sheriff's Department hired him and sponsored his training at the academy.

After a brief spell in Riverbank on the graveyard shift where new officers generally start, he was lucky enough to be assigned to the day shift.

"I'm focusing on my career. I have a lot to learn and a whole town to meet," he said.

Outside of his work, Buck is interested in range shooting for accuracy with both rifles and handguns and is an avid paintball player with friends.

This also involves shooting but uses air guns and balls of paint that disintegrate on impact and leave a splotch of paint to mark a hit. They are harmless but can sting and bruise at close range, he admitted.

Buck has a younger brother who is interested in going into the firefighting business.