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New Infrared Fitness Studio In Riverbank
hot worx
Hotworx Franchise Owner Michael Wilkins and his daughters Rebecca Dixon, and Summer Wilkins have been signing up members and giving tours since opening at the end of September. - photo by VIRGINIA STILL

There is a new way to burn off those calories in Riverbank at Hotworx 24-hour infrared fitness studio. In a hot workout craze gyms have been turning up the heat with hot yoga, hot classes, and now there is a new way at Hotworx with infrared technology. 

New franchisee Michael Wilkins opened Hotworx in the Crossroads Shopping Center at the end of September.  New to not only the Hotworx franchise but also the fitness world, Wilkins saw an opportunity and took it.

“Hotworx in general fell in my lap one day,” said Wilkins. “I researched it and it checked all the boxes I was looking for at that time and it is an outstanding fitness program that is up and coming so I found it intriguing. I looked into it and that is how it all started.”

The fitness studio is more intimate than a gym as it has nine saunas that fits three people at a time. The temperature ranges from 120 to 130 degrees, which seems uncomfortably hot and when you think of a sauna you think moisture but is more of dry type of heat. They are set to 125 degrees but can be adjusted. Infrared therapy has been used to treat pain and inflammation.

“With the infrared therapy they get a variety of results and benefits from that infrared therapy,” stated Wilkins. “You can always go to a doctor and get infrared therapy isolated to one part of your body but yet this is a full body treatment.”

Some of the benefits from infrared therapy that Wilkins explained is muscle recovery, stress reduction, weight loss, cellulite reduction, increased calorie burn, detoxification, lowered blood pressure, and pain relief.

The cedarwood in the isometric workout rooms has a softness on the bare feet where guests can do 30-minute classes like hot Pilates, hot yoga, hot buns, and hot core.

The high intensity saunas have machines where guests can do 15-minute workouts in a cycle session with hot cycle, hot blast total body session on the elliptical machine, or hot thunder on their rower machine. 

“This is a super nice concept because it is consolidated,” expressed Wilkins. “Only three people can fit in the saunas at one time. A lot of people have really enjoyed that concept as it is more intimate.”

Currently the limited monthly rates are $54 a month with a $20 enrollment fee but will increase to $59 a month and a $99 enrollment fee. They had a list of new members before opening and have been signing people up on a regular basis. The fitness studio is open 24/7 for members.

The FX Zone is a free weight area that members are allowed to use in between workout sessions in the saunas.

“Everyone seems to be really enjoying it,” remarked Wilkins. “I had one of the members the other day break down in tears over how happy she was that I brought this to the community. It was very touching. Everyone knows their body better than anyone else. Pay attention to those aches and pains and see how they diminish. You would be surprised at the results.”

Wilkins has lived in Modesto for the past nine years and has five children that graduated from Enochs High School so the location in the Crossroads shopping was very appealing to him. The business is family owned and family ran with three of his children running the day-to-day business with him.

There are plans to have a grand opening and ribbon cutting soon.

“I feel both nervous and excited,” shared Wilkins of opening a new business. “This is my first fitness business. I have never been into health and fitness to be honest with you and with that said it never discouraged me either. There are just over 300 currently open but expanding fast.”

hot worx
Hotworx member Francheska Tydeman said that the infrared therapy has been beneficial and is shown here during a Hot Blast workout. - photo by VIRGINIA STILL
hot worx
The new Hotworx fitness studio in the Crossroads shopping center is now open and accepting new members. - photo by VIRGINIA STILL