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New Personnel Arrive For RHS Front Office
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Riverbank High School Principal Greg Diaz celebrates his first day back at school after receiving a new ‘number one’ in his office. It was made to go with the large 2020 set he used at the end of the last school year to help celebrate the seniors and their accomplishments. Obviously, it will replace the final zero, potentially helping to put an end to all the bad vibes from the previous year. Ric McGinnis/The News

The resumption of classes, virtually, and the start of the new spring semester this week has seen the addition of a few new faces in the front office at Riverbank High School.

Of course, RHS Principal Greg Diaz is still there, and he welcomed a huge new “Number 1” to his office on Monday, Jan. 11. The large numerical display will replace the last digit in the ‘2020’ set of numbers he got for the campus last year. He used the set to help celebrate the accomplishments of the senior class at the end of the school term last year, somewhat in lieu of formal graduation ceremonies on campus for the Class of 2020.

The new ‘2021’ set now stands ready for use at the end of the spring term this year and, hopefully, with students there to enjoy seeing them as well.

Diaz’s former secretary, Suzy Andalon, packed up her desk back in December, at the end of fall classes before the holiday break. As of the first of this year, she serves as the Confidential Secretary to RUSD Superintendent Christine Facella, over in the district office.

Her replacement at RHS is Donna Young-Bigelow, who previously served as Attendance Secretary at RHS, and formerly sat at the adjacent desk. Andalon started up, last week, at her new duties in the district office. During the fall semester, she had been dividing her time between both offices, learning the ropes of her new position, while helping wrap up the term at the high school.

Taking the Attendance Secretary spot in the office is Miriam Toledo. She was busy on Monday, Jan. 11 beginning the task of assembling data from the teachers taking roll virtually from their classrooms. She is no stranger to the RHS campus, however, working the last three years in the cafeteria, as a Food Service Technician, and in the After School Program.

Also added, but in her own corner office, is new Account Technician Genevieve Moore. She started in her position just after the first of the year, too. She has served as a substitute in school offices over the past five years.

So while students at Riverbank High School continue with their now-familiar distance learning model for the time being, staff is back on campus and tending to the everyday activities of running a school district.

The good news? As of the beginning of the new term, students and teachers only had 90 class days remaining until the end of the 2020-21 school year. Officials are keeping a close eye on the county tier, hoping that Bruins will be back in classrooms with their teachers sooner rather than later.

New Account Technician Genevieve Moore works at her desk at the Administrative Office at Riverbank High School. She started the new job at the beginning of the 2021 calendar year. Ric McGinnis/The News
Miriam Toledo is the new Attendance Secretary in the front office at Riverbank High School. She takes the spot left by Donna Young-Bigelow, who moved up to the spot as Principal’s Secretary. Ric McGinnis/The News