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Oakdale-Riverbank Fire Calls 6-5-24
fire calls

The following is a listing of some of the local calls for service involving the Modesto Fire Department, which staffs Stations 27, 28, 29 and 30 in Oakdale, Knights Ferry and Valley Home as part of Battalion 5; and the Stanislaus Consolidated Fire Department, covering the Riverbank area, as part of Battalion 2.

Calls were logged during the time period of Tuesday, May 28 through Monday, June 3. Days not listed had no reports of significant incidents in this area.



Battalion 2: Engine 26 trained on wild land firefighting sign offs.

Battalion 5: Crews performed engine and station maintenance at all stations.

BC5 attended annual refresher training from CAL OES.

3:35 p.m. – Squad 11, Engine 26, Truck 5 and BC1 responded to a potential structure fire in the 3500 block of Coffee Road. Truck 5 arrived to find a one-story commercial building with nothing showing and began to investigate. Crews located a damaged electrical outlet as the source and isolated the plug.



Battalion 2: Engine 26 worked on firefighter task book signoffs.

Battalion 5: Engine 27 trained with their probationary firefighter on forcible entry techniques as well as putting the RAM in service at Station 17.

10:06 p.m. – Engine 27 and Water Tender 27 responded mutual aid to assist the Ripon Fire District for a barn on fire.



Battalion 2: 5:02 a.m. - Stanislaus Engine 26 responded to the 3900 block of Santa Fe Street for a tree into a residence. E26 arrived on scene and found three occupants still inside the residence. The technical rescue team was requested and T5, R11, BC1 and M1 responded. All three occupants were safely removed and evaluated for injuries.

Battalion 5: Battalion 5 units trained at the new Costco in Riverbank.

Engine 27’s probationary firefighter trained on EMS skills and the K12 saw.



Battalion 5: Modesto Engine 28 conducted leader-line training in their FMA.

Modesto Engine 27, Stanislaus Engine 26, Quint 22, and BC5 responded to a potential structure fire on Cresta Way in Oakdale. Crews arrived at a two-story residential structure with nothing showing; upon further investigation it was determined that the gas on a stove top was left on and there was negative fire. The residence was horizontally ventilated by opening windows and the balance was cancelled.

Modesto Engine 27, Engine 28, Engine 29, and BC5 responded to a vehicle accident at Highway 4 and Milton Road. Engine 28 arrived on-scene with a vehicle with minor damage. Engine 28 determined that the accident was non-injury and cancelled the balance.



Modesto Fire Department members completed the last day of Entry Level Firefighter interviews. Members from all ranks interviewed perspective MFD Firefighters.

Crews trained with probationary firefighters preparing for their upcoming test.

Battalion 2: The apparatus committee met with Hi-Tech EVS and completed the change orders for its new engine. Production should begin in July.

Crews worked on completing the second quarter of business inspection.

Battalion 5: 9:11 a.m. – Engines 28 and 29 responded to a vehicle accident on Highway 108/120 near Ardis Ranch. There were two vehicles involved and no injuries. Crews worked to clear the roadway and were released by sheriff’s deputies.

5:04 p.m. – Water Rescue 29, Water Rescue 28, Engine 27 and Battalion 5 responded to Honolulu Bar in Oakdale for a paddle boarder that fell off her board and was stranded and caught up in the trees in the middle of the river. Boat 29 reached her, got her into the boat and brought her to shore uninjured and not requiring any medical attention.



Battalion 2: Engine 26 trained on salvage cover uses.

Battalion 5: Crews performed engine and station maintenance at the Valley Home Fire Station.

12:40 p.m. – Brush 29, Brush 28 and BC5 along with a full wildland response from CalFire TCU responded to 108/120 at the county line for the report of a vegetation fire. Crews quickly stopped the fire at less than three acres.

5:30 p.m. – Grass 27, Water Tender 27 and BC5 responded to a grass fire at Crane Road near Greger Street. Grass 27 arrived to find a small roadside grass fire. The fire was extinguished and mopped up.



Battalion 2: Engine 23, Engine 24, and Engine 26 trained with new Boat 26 and Boat 24 to complete boat operator sign offs.

6:23 p.m. – Engine 26 responded to a large vehicle fire. On scene they found a garbage truck burning. Engine 26 extinguished the fire.

9:52 p.m. – Engine 23, Water Rescue 24, Water Rescue 18, Water Rescue 29, Engine 23 and BC2 responded to the Tuolumne River east of the Roberts Ferry bridge for two people that had been stranded on a small island. Crews worked for hours to gain access to this heavily wooded area to complete the rescue. Both people rescued were evaluated, signed AMA’s, and were released to family members.

Battalion 5: Engine 27 and 28 trained in drafting operations.