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Oakdale Road Due For Landscaping
More landscaping and statuary are coming to Riverbank.

A statue or "scene on a water theme" will be raised in the median of Oakdale Road when a project to landscape the section from Crawford Road south to Claribel Road is completed this spring, said Public Works Director Dave Melilli.

It will be somewhat similar to the statue of a kayaker moving between river boulders recently erected on Squire Wells Road south of Crawford, he added, while declining to be more specific about the design because he said the goal is for it to be a surprise.

The Oakdale Road Landscape Improvement Project will cost about $320,000 and provide for soil amendment, landscaping, fine grading, landscape plantings, an irrigation system with electronic controls, masonry, roadwork, decorative veneer and retaining walls, according to the plans prepared by engineers Giulani & Kull Inc.

The costs will be covered by Transportation Enhancement federal funds plus local system development fees, which the city levies on land developers.

Many residents will be pleased the busy road on the city's western boundary that stood bare and barren and without a tree or shrub or flower for many years is finally gaining some visual improvements.

Another road project also approved at a recent Riverbank City Council meeting and set for bid within the next two weeks is the Roselle Avenue Pavement Overlay Project.

With its road surface constantly dug up and dug up again for the laying of utilities during subdivision development a decade ago, Roselle Avenue has won the unsavory reputation of one of the most potholed and bumpy streets in Riverbank.

Then a year ago, the city came up with the funds to repave a short section of a few blocks from Patterson Road southward to Turpin Avenue.

Now the city has $350,000 in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds to repave the entire remaining section of Roselle from Turpin south to Claribel Road on the city's southern limits.