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Oct. 23, 1942 – Oct. 8, 2021
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As a boy, Lloyd lived in Monrovia, CA. He was the oldest of four children born to Harold and Vernice Stueve. He grew up on the family Alta-Dena dairy farm in Monrovia and attended the Missouri Synod Lutheran church and elementary school. He graduated from Lutheran High School in Los Angeles.
After traveling in Europe with a friend, draft papers from the Army were awaiting him upon his return. In May of 1964, he was drafted into the Army at the age of 21. The draft commitment was for two years. He was in the 597th Transportation Co. that got deployed by President Johnson to Vietnam. After his return he married Nancy Jane Peck. They returned to their hometown of Monrovia. Nancy taught elementary school and Lloyd worked at Alta-Dena Dairy while attending Citrus College and then he transferred to University of Southern California.
In 1969, Lloyd and Nancy moved to Oakdale, CA to operate a heifer ranch. In addition to heifers, they raised their four children, Gage, Guy, Betsy and Katie on this ranch. He loved and cherished their spouses, Jenny, Shelly, Jake and Sean as they have grown up to be an important working part of the Stueve team. Lloyd and Nancy have been blessed with nine grandchildren, as well. Carson, Annaliese, Madelyn, Lydia, Avery, Kade, Paige, Beau, and Joule have enjoyed their grandpa Lloyd and all the ranch-like activities he participated in.
Lloyd was an active man and loved to do many sports like hunting, skiing, flying, polo, surfing, gardening and camping to name a few. He had a lot of zest for life. He liked to be on the go and if there was something with four wheels or four legs available he’d be off. Nancy said, “If we were a car, he’d be the gas pedal and I’d be the brakes.” She truly enjoyed the countless adventures she had with Lloyd.
In 1974 Lloyd was chosen to be a member of Agricultural Leadership Associates, Class IV. This class traveled locally, nationally and internationally studying many aspects of agriculture around the world. Contacts and friendships were made with many leading men in California agriculture during this time. These men were encouraged to go back into society and share what they had learned. Lloyd did this and got in line to be Farm Bureau President in Stanislaus County. He served one term.
Lloyd came from a dairying family so it only seemed natural that he would want to follow in his dad’s footsteps and develop a dairy in the Central Valley. S & G Dairy was created with a partner, Mr. Fraser Graham. Later, after his sons had graduated from college, the family decided to build a larger dairy that would support all of the families. Organic milk became the product that he wanted the dairy to focus on. A New Zealand rotational style dairy barn was built. He had a number of good years milking in this new barn and sharing his passion for organic milk and farming practices. Other endeavors were also started by the family – organic eggs, organic olive oil and organic alfalfa. Lloyd loved watching his kids carry on with farming the land and creating wholesome products.
In his later years, Lloyd was ready to do a little more “horsing around” and Percheron horses, wagons and wagon trains became his passion. This passion began after meeting another man with the “Stueve” surname at a draft horse classic horse show in Grass Valley. This friendly encounter resulted in Lloyd being given two Percheron horses to bring home and practice with. When he got good at driving the horses he shared his passion with young and old alike. He participated in many activities for the family, friends, the church, and the community. He was most happy with a load of smiling faces enjoying the wagon ride.
He was a man with Christian principles, faithful, friendly, happy, generous, and fun. He especially liked helping out with the kids’ activities at the church and preschool. He had a heart to serve the Lord.
Lloyd was a big family man with a growing family business. It’s just the way he liked it. He thanked the Lord continually for His blessings, His provisions, His love and His faithfulness to his family and to these businesses. He will be greatly missed. Our memories of him will become our TREASURES!
A Celebration of Life will be Sunday, Oct. 24 at 1 p.m., 10528 Highway 120, Oakdale, CA 95361.
In lieu of flowers and to help us honor Lloyd’s life … please go do something nice for someone, mail a postcard, volunteer your time in your church and community or help someone in need. Be the reason someone smiles today!
The Oakdale (Calif.) Leader
The Riverbank (Calif.) News
Oct. 20, 2021