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Officers Work Hectic Shifts In Local Area
Stan Co Sheriff

Riverbank Police have handled a wide variety of calls for service in recent days and made multiple arrests, including one of a man who posted a photo of himself smoking marijuana while driving.

According to police reports, on Tuesday, Aug. 7 during the day shift, a deputy conducted a traffic stop on a motorist after he observed him Snapchatting his marijuana cigarette (apparently to friends) while driving in the Crossroads Shopping Complex area. Field sobriety tests were conducted on Anthony Morrison, 18. He was subsequently arrested for driving under the influence. Due to the arrest a search ensued where officers also found him to be in possession of an unmarked prescription bottle containing multiple hydrocodone pills. He was booked for the DUI and for unlawful possession of narcotics.

On Wednesday, Aug. 8 during the day shift a deputy stopped a motorist identified as Edgar Felix, 23, in the area of Roselle Avenue and Plainview Road for speeding. A probation search of Felix and the vehicle revealed a .40 caliber handgun with a loaded 30 round magazine. A search of his residence revealed more ammunition. Felix was booked for unlawful possession of the firearm and ammo, and also for a probation violation.

Meanwhile, several deputies responded to a report of a missing two-year-old boy from a residence in the area of Morrill Road and Howard Avenue on Wednesday, Aug. 8. Family had frantically searched the immediate area and could not locate him. Deputies did an initial, hasty search of the residence and yard. They then conducted a secondary, slow and methodical search and the young child was found, secure, to be hiding under blankets and cushions inside the residence.

Riverbank Police Services officers were dispatched on Thursday, Aug. 9 during the day shift to a domestic disturbance at the Quail Meadows Mobile Home Park. A 26-year-old woman contacted had three warrants for her arrest and was booked.

During the graveyard shift on Thursday, a deputy made a traffic stop near Oakdale Road and Morrill Road where they made contact with Andrew Payne, 31. Deputies determined that he was a wanted parolee. Payne was arrested and booked per the parole hold.

Earlier in the month, a Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department awards and promotional ceremony was held at The House in Modesto. RPS Deputy Bauman was recognized by MADD for his numerous arrests concerning DUI enforcement.

Also, during the day shift on Monday, Aug. 6, deputies responded to Home Depot regarding a wanted theft suspect from multiple Home Depot store locations in the region including thefts from Riverbank. Corey Smith, 30, was wanted by Ceres PD for a robbery and an assault with a deadly weapon concerning one of their Home Depot stores. A Sheriff’s Department Helicopter, Riverbank Deputies and MPD Officers took Smith into custody in the area of Oakdale Road and Floyd Avenue after Smith drove to a shopping center in that area from the Riverbank Home Depot. The weapon used in the Ceres robbery and stolen property was recovered from the vehicle Smith was driving, authorities said. He was booked for multiple crimes.