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Park Tree Planting Dedicated In Memory Of Local Resident
Tree Dedication.jpg
Riverbank Councilmember Cal Campbell, center, and Marilyn Zinner shovel dirt into the tree well at Jacob Myers Park in Riverbank on Nov. 15. The tree was planted and dedicated in honor of Dr. Dennis Zinner, a longtime local chiropractor who was active in many community and business organizations here. Ric McGinnis/The News

Riverbank Parks and Recreation Department Director Sue Fitzpatrick, staff workers and members of the Friends of Jacob Myers Park gathered at the park this past Thursday to pay tribute to a local health practitioner and community and business activist.

A new tree was planted in the park and dedicated to Dr. Dennis Zinner, Riverbank chiropractor, who passed away in July, 2017.

The site was prepared by Jacob Myers Park staff, with the tree planted then dirt used to fill the site by friends and family. Three generations of the Zinner family were on hand, along with members of Friends of Jacob Myers Park. Marilyn Zinner, his wife of 29 years, joined with the others to shovel in the dirt that capped off the event.

Dr. Zinner had his chiropractic practice in downtown Riverbank, on Third Street, across from City Hall South, for years.

Along the way, he was a founding member of the Riverbank Business Association, a group of downtown businesses seeking to help promote the region. In addition to the Friends of Jacob Myers Park, he was a founding board member of Rio Arts, a community artistic and theater group based in Riverbank in the early 2000s.

Zinner was passionate about his chiropractic healing, writing three books on the subject.