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Performer Wins Talent Show
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In a Riverbank High student talent show on Nov. 4, Angie Lares won first place with a demonstration of karate martial arts to music. Will Perkins playing ragtime piano placed second and Alisha Borges singing in Spanish was awarded third place.

The prizes for first and second place were gift cards to the Target store. The third prize was a pass to a movie at Galaxy Theater.

Other performers included Caroline Schauf doing a song and dance number and Marrisa Lopez singing several songs.

Teacher Pete Perkins, who organized the show, said there were not many competitors compared with a dozen or so last year and several withdrew just before the event.

Will Perkins, he noted, prepared at least three ragtime songs to play on the piano. They were "Handful of Keys," "Sweet Georgia Brown" and "Vipers Drag."

Ragtime, said the older Perkins, is a type of pre-jazz music that was very popular in the 1920s and can still be heard in places like an old-time ice-cream parlor at Disneyland.

Borges, who also performed in last year's talent show, sang two songs solo and another with Nikki Garcia accompanying her on the acoustical guitar.

Borges' songs were titled "Como la Flor," "Cobarde" and, accompanied on the guitar, "No Te Quiero Nada."

The show was designed to give the students performing artists a chance to showcase their talent, much like sports provide student athletes a stage on which to demonstrate their ability.