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Pets Are Royalty At Noble Kennels Locations
The climate controlled indoor play area at the new Noble Kennels location in Riverbank is ready for pets to interact and socialize. Photo By Virginia Still

People love their pets as those four-legged companions are considered part of the family to most. With the strong bond that we hold with our pets it is important when selecting a boarding and grooming establishment that the people we leave them with are going to be just as good to them as we are. This is what Noble Kennels is all about, according to owner Trina Taylor. The new resort and spa on Atchison Street in Riverbank specializes in treating your pets like royalty.

“I love dogs,” expressed Taylor with a smile. “I probably shouldn’t say it but I like dogs better than humans. They love unconditionally. I breed and I show and own several dogs.”

Taylor is not new to the dog business as she opened Noble Kennels in Oakdale in 2014 and as a professional handler showing Manchester terriers for the past 15 years. This past February she won Best of Breed for Standard Manchester Terriers with her dog Riot at the 2020 Westminster Dog Show in New York. She has had three different dogs win at the dog show in 2012, 2015, and 2020. They are grandfather, father, and son. Her two dogs are Royal and Riot.

“I own the second most winning Manchester in American history which is actually how I got into dogs,” stated Taylor. “So I eat, breathe, sleep dogs. It is a labor of love for sure.”

She saw an opportunity in Riverbank and although she had her own struggles personally and COVID-19 hit, Taylor powered through to open the second location. The building was gutted and remodeled but it also had some features that she was able to keep like the drains in the back, a large enclosed area and some cages which helped make it a smooth transition in unprecedented times. The Oakdale location was originally opened with three partners and now Taylor is the sole owner of both locations.

“I always had my eyes set on this location since Atchison closed last year,” added Taylor of the former pet business in the same spot. “It was a great opportunity for me to take this on for a distraction and an investment. This is my livelihood. As a business owner we want to achieve security. It was a great opportunity. I envisioned it and was able to execute it.”

General manager Amanda Gotch has been running the Riverbank location as Taylor has been taking care of the Oakdale location. They are a full service boarding, daycare, and groomer including bathing, nails, de-shedding/de-matting, haircuts and more. They have a community play area for dogs to interact with each other, socialize, learn manners, and even let out a little extra energy in an indoor climate controlled space with a staff member interacting with them.

“You want to board with somebody that is compassionate and knows how to take care of animals in a loving way,” explained Gotch. “We do care. When we have clients that have lost their pets it affects us just as much as it does them. We all were upset because they become our pets too.”

The lease was signed in January and by March they were ready to open but due to COVID-19 they could not. The doors officially opened on May 18 in Riverbank. Business had come to an abrupt stop and is slowly picking up at both locations. Through the paycheck protection program and the Stanislaus workforce grant Taylor has been able to keep her doors open and continue with opening the new location. Although they have had a rocky start they are hopeful that things will improve in the near future and then they will eventually be able to have a proper Grand Opening.

“We are open,” added Taylor. “Riverbank does not have a facility like this. Come in and see us. I have a completely new outfit. There is new equipment, new paint, new flooring, and new tubs. It is pretty and I am proud of it. I think I have a lot to offer the community and I am hoping they receive it really well.”

They are offering new clients 20 percent off and look forward to meeting new people and their furry companions in the community as this small new local business tries to make it during such uncertain times.

For more information call 209-848-3531 at 259 N. Sierra Ave. in Oakdale or 209-502-7299 at 3106 Atchison St. in Riverbank or visit

“Come in, we are awesome,” as the sign says above owner Trina Taylor and her dog Riot and General Manager Amanda Gotch and her dog Nikki at the new Noble Kennels location in Riverbank. Photo By Virginia Still
Noble Kennels is now open at 3106 Atchison St., Riverbank and new clients will receive 20 percent off. The business also operates on North Sierra Avenue in Oakdale. Photo By Virginia Still