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Police Arrest Three In Graffiti Spree
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Riverbank police have detained three tagging suspects and charged them with felony vandalism. The adult involved David Klingefuff, 18, was booked at Stanislaus County Jail and two juveniles were cited and then custody of them turned over to their parents. All three suspects are local high school students, police said.

Officer Cody Williams, according to the police report, was dispatched to McArthur Court off Saxon on April 11 to meet an off duty officer who had seen the suspects tagging the area.

Their car was still parked in the court and through its license plate, the officers identified and made contact with the taggers, who police said admitted to the vandalism.

The suspects had marked street signs, telephone poles, cable boxes, garbage cans and decorative rocks.

They also admitted to tagging in Modesto near a taco shop on Oakdale Road.

The vandalism was committed in black and green pen and red spray paint.

Community Services Officer Debra Allen took photographs of the tagging and of the suspects.

One of the suspects had been stopped on a previous occasion at a DUI checkpoint when 98 cans of spray paint were found in his vehicle.

Police said they will seek financial restitution from those responsible or their families.