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Police Plan Camera System
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Surveillance cameras located throughout the city are among the items that Riverbank Police Chief Bill Pooley will finance with an annual state grant called the Supplemental Law Enforcement Services Fund.

Citing the success of a similar system in downtown Ripon, Pooley told the Riverbank City Council he wants to install cameras in a long-term plan to protect businesses against burglary, spot graffiti perpetrators and help in convicting criminals.

"I back the sheriff's office 100 percent but I have some privacy issues. He should move forward with care," said Councilmember Jesse James White in voting against the idea that passed 3-1.

At the Oct. 26 council meeting, Pooley talked of setting the first cameras to cover the new downtown park called Plaza Del Rio and the freshly completed redevelopment work surrounding it. He also mentioned the public bus stops in front of Galaxy Theatre and Kragen's Auto Parts as a possible site.

Responding to questions, he said the cameras would be set at intervals of up to a quarter mile. Their tapes can conserve up to 30 days worth of film.

Some large businesses in town such as Target at the Crossroads Shopping Center already have outside surveillance cameras. Target's are of excellent quality and cover most of its exterior, he said.

The cameras are among "safety equipment" such as tasers, taser cartridges and portable radios on which the police will spend $20,000 of the $100,000 annual grant to the city.

This year, the police have a carryover of $31,000 from last year's grant and will allocate $33,000 on funding for a part-time reserve deputy sheriff for the graffiti abatement and city beautification project; $65,000 on funding a fulltime reserve deputy sheriff for "backfill" work; $13,000 for law enforcement at special events like the Cheese & Wine Exposition; and $20,000 for miscellaneous safety equipment including the cameras.