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Police Seek Marijuana Grower Info
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Detective Josh Humble of Riverbank Police Services is encouraging citizens to call him, anonymously if they please, to report marijuana cultivation or sales or other drug activity of which they know.

His telephone number is 209-863-7146. Callers may leave a voice mail message, again remaining anonymous if they want, if they cannot reach Humble at once.

This is the time of year, he said, when pot growers are harvesting their crop in homes and backyards, drug sales increase and there is more drug-related violence like assaults and home invasions.

Last year at this time, the local sheriff's office closed down four marijuana cultivation and sales operations, confiscated hundreds of pounds of pot plus guns and arrested several suspects.

Because pot growing often occurs indoors or in well hidden gardens, police rely on citizens to act as their eyes and ears and report any illegal activity of which they become aware.