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Police Warn Residents Of New Scam
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There's a new scam hitting the local communities of Oakdale and Riverbank and it's particularly sophisticated, said Riverbank Police Chief Bill Pooley.

According to Pooley, the victims received a call from an unknown caller saying they were from a collection agency claiming the victim had written a bad check many years ago and they have accumulated fines and penalties upwards of $3,000. The caller threatened the victims with legal and police action if they didn't pay the fees associated with the account.

"They had one woman on the phone for two hours," Pooley said. "They are badgering people horrifically."

It's unknown where the scammers are getting their information but they seem to have enough personal information to seem legitimate, but they are not.

The phone number has been traced to Aurora Hills in Burbank, California.

If you receive a phone call from a supposed bill collector, it's important to know your rights and the laws governing bill collectors.

"Do not give out your banking information over the phone and never, ever give up your personal information," Pooley said. "There are laws out there on how you can collect a debt."

Knowledge is your best defense against being scammed, Pooley said.

Anyone who feels they were scammed or contacted by the scammers, is advised to call the Riverbank Police Department at 209-869-7162.