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Restaurant Serves Free Meal For Christmas
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Opening their doors and hearts in the true spirit of the holidays, the popular new restaurant in downtown Riverbank called Mary Beth's Corner Diner & Bakery served more than 60 free meals to friends and strangers alike on Christmas Day.

"We invited all those who needed a meal and had nowhere to go. We had friends and family there too. It wasn't only the homeless. We asked anybody who wanted to come and join us," said Mary Beth Fullerton who is a partner with her mother Kathy Petsch in the business and staffs the place with family members including her grandparents.

"It was a wide array of people. There was no cost or fee. We put the tables together and dined family style," she added.

Many people brought dishes to contribute to the feast such as chili and barbecued ribs.

"It lasted a few hours. We started at noon, ate, talked, sang carols and the last person left about 6 p.m.," said Fullerton.

Mary Beth's opened in late August on the corner of Third and Stanislaus Street concentrating on serving family style meals and home cooking at a location which has had a restaurant of some sort for many years.

It has become very popular with staff from City Hall that is located just a block north on Third Street and is highly recommended by residents and businesspeople of the downtown.