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RHS Back To School Night Offers Parent Information
Interim Principal Greg Diaz addresses the family and friends assembled in the Riverbank High School gym at the Aug. 15 Back to School Night, with this year's teachers lined up behind. In addition to introducing each instructor to the crowd, he outlined policies and procedures for the new school year. The crowd of family and friends assembled in the Ray Fauria Memorial Gymnasium before attending a demonstration school day with their students, visiting each classroom on their daily schedule.
RHS Band and Music Instructor Joey Aguilar explains to parents of Advanced Band musicians what the school year will entail. He explained the department’s policies, schedule, Band Boosters organization and need for support from parents. Ric McGinnis/The News

Parents and friends of new and returning Riverbank High School students assembled with staff and teachers for a ‘Back to School Night’ on Thursday, Aug. 15, in the Ray Fauria Memorial Gymnasium on campus.

There, they were instructed by Principal Greg Diaz on policies and procedures for the new school year. Among other things, he outlined processes and procedures used on campus this year. Diaz also pointed out the need for improved safety as students arrive and depart from the school each day.

He pointed out that some students have been jaywalking by cutting across busy Claus Road as they come and go to school. He also noted that some parents have been doing prohibited U-Turns near the campus, a very unsafe and illegal move, he pointed out.

Diaz also noted that he and staff members would be monitoring the scene for a time to better manage the potential for accidents.

He also introduced the teaching staff before they departed for their classrooms. There, they would await the arrival of the families on an abbreviated, 10-minute-per-class demonstration of the students’ daily schedule.

In the classrooms, teachers explained their courses, what the school year would hold for their students and basic requirements for attaining a good grade.