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Riverbank Farmers Market Weekly Action Continues
The Riverbank Certified Farmers Market is hitting full stride as the summer harvest continues to go well on local farms.

John Bava of Bava Farms of Modesto has been a regular vendor at the Riverbank event and said sales continue to be brisk at the market.

He grows a variety of produce in his fields in the area of Dale Road and Kiernan Avenue, and said he enjoys providing residents with locally grown produce.

"Everything we sell, we grow in this area," Bava said.

One of many summer farmer's markets staged around the region, shoppers generally said they enjoy the chance to get some ultra fresh produce, as well as taking time to catch up by visiting with friends and neighbors also on hand for the summertime open air market.

Cassandra Brogden was visiting the Riverbank weekly market on a recent Wednesday with her two children, Cole, 4, and Mackenzie, 1. She said she often stopped by the market after her children were finished with swimming lessons in the nearby community pool.

"The kids love it," she said of the activities at the market. "And I like that they have such a great variety of produce here."

Carmen Fuertes can claim what's probably the longest distance traveled to visit the market. Visiting friends in California from her home in Spain, she stopped by the farmers market to sample some of the items. She, too, was impressed with the variety of produce offered as she made a purchase at the Bava Farms booth.

The Riverbank Farmers Market runs each Wednesday from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. It will remain open through Sept 1. Each week typically features musical entertainment and often a special attraction, which have so far included a classic car show and the recent children's safety fair, two of the most popular summer activities.

Weather has also cooperated for vendors and attendees this year, as there have been only a handful of 100-plus degree days recorded so far in the summer of 2010.