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Riverbank FFA Week Ends With A Smooch
ffa kiss
Riverbank High School’s Campus Monitor Rick had the most money put in his jar during FFA week which enlisted him in a kiss with a horse. Staff and students were all smiles and had their phones out capturing the moment on Friday. VIRGINIA STILL/THE NEWS
Musical Chairs
During lunch students enjoyed a friendly game of musical chairs that included a few staff members. VIRGINIA STILL/THE NEWS
Kicking off the lunchtime activities for FFA week was a roping challenge. Photo By Leilani Bynum

FFA Week is a wrap at Riverbank High School. The week was filled with activities and excitement about the program as well as campus monitor Rick having a smooch with a horse. RHS Ag Instructor Brittney Thomas along with the chapter officers organized FFA Week at Riverbank High School last week. The Penny Wars raised funds for the FFA program and it was a success with almost $300 raised during the week.

“I think the students did a great job this week,” said Thomas. “The entire officer team stepped up and really got the entire school excited.”

For the past few years RHS had not celebrated FFA week as they have had a few Ag teachers come and go. The FFA organization not only provides agricultural education but it also prepares members for leadership, personal growth, and career success. The National FFA Organization was founded by a group of young farmers in 1928. There are local chapters in public schools throughout the country.

One of the very first activities of the week was a roping challenge during lunch in the quad on the RHS campus. Although participation was a bit slow in the beginning, Thomas said that it picked up as the days continued.

“The students really enjoyed musical chairs that we played on Thursday and many of the students loved the karaoke during lunch as well,” she added. “But overall the most student support was on Friday during the ‘Kiss the Horse’ event.”

There were jars in the office with specific staff names on them that students and staff alike put money in the jars of their choice. The person with the most money in the jar was tasked with kissing a horse on Friday during lunch.

“I think the best part about the week was seeing how excited the students were when putting money into the jars and also them running around to different teachers saying they were going to bomb them with coins,” expressed Thomas. “They had a blast. The highlight for this week was to see the support across the campus.”

“All week long they (students) were like ‘Rick you are going to be kissing the horse’ and I said I guarantee you I will not be kissing a horse,” added Rick. “It was a good looking horse. I got him on the nose. These kids loved it.”

It was a close race between the ladies in the office and Rick but Rick came out ahead … or did he? To prepare for the memorable moment Rick did some research online and Googled “how to kiss a horse.” So last Friday he came prepared with a bag of goodies for the four legged beauty named Twinkie, the gift bag featuring apples and carrots. The nerves were high for both Rick and Twinkie so he offered up an apple to get acquainted. When that did not seem to do the trick he got out the carrots. For a brief moment they shared a carrot and once Twinkie was warmed up Rick went in for the kiss right on the nose. Students and staff cheered on the smooch and for Rick his mission was completed. Spreading the love to Vice Principal Kellie Felix, Rick donated another $20 to have her kiss the horse as well. Principal Greg Diaz went in with a carrot and gave Twinkie a kiss to round out the kissing festivities.

After the smooches with Twinkie, who was a good sport, the students had a friendly game of musical chairs where Rick almost won again until a student was victorious and got the final chair.

“We are excited to bring new ideas, and activities to this school,” expressed Thomas. “I hope to get more students excited about this program so we can add more classes in the future.”