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Riverbank High Scholarships Awarded

A long-standing tradition had to be set aside, because of the shutdown of school caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The annual senior awards night was not hosted, and Riverbank High’s 2020 graduating class had to settle for individual recognition from Class Advisor Maritza Alvarez during checkout on campus on Friday, May 22.

However, the change didn’t dampen the overall impact of the achievements. Bruin 2020 grads received more than $54,000 from 68 separate scholarship awards.

They came from individuals and organizations, from memorials in honor of Ray Fauria, the first RHS principal, back in 1967, as well as honoring his wife, Vivian, to those like the California Scholastic Federation awards. There were several from Riverbank’s Rotary Club, the County Office of Education, and an RHS Alumni Scholarship, as well as honors from the Class of 2014 and 2016 on the list.

Missing from the list this year, probably since there was no public celebration, were scholarships normally presented by the Riverbank Federated Women’s Club, the Historical Society, and the Youth of the Year scholarship from the Citizen of the Year Committee.