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Riverbank Mayor, Council Member Appointed
city of riverbank

Riverbank Mayor Richard D. O’Brien and Fourth District Council member Darlene Barber-Martinez have had their terms in office extended for the next four years.

At a recent special meeting of the City Council, the pair were appointed to their offices for the 2020-24 term. They had both taken out and filed nomination papers for the November General Election, but no one opposed them.

The council got together at a video meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 19, to address the issue.

The nomination period for the Nov. 3 General Election ended on Aug. 7 at 5 p.m. Elections Official Annabelle Aguilar certified to the council that no one had filed in opposition to the two incumbent candidates, so there were a few options open for discussion.

The council could have voted to continue as normal with the process, but instead chose to appoint both to their offices, avoiding the cost of that part of the election.

Still appearing on the November ballot will be incumbent Second District Council Member Cindy Fosi, along with her opponent, Rachel Hernandez.

Mayor Richard O'Brien
Mayor Richard D. O’Brien has been appointed to continue in the position at a recent meeting of the Riverbank City Council. He was the only person to qualify with papers of nomination for the November Election, so the city now saves the cost of putting his name on the ballots and counting the votes.
Darlene Barber-Martinez
City Council member Darlene Barber-Martinez, representing District Four in Riverbank, was the only nominee for the position in the upcoming General Election ballot, so the council voted to appoint her to continue in the office, saving the cost of the process, both to the city and to the candidate.