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Robotics Club Presentation Given To Federated Women
Robotics Club pix.jpg
Beyer High School Robotics Club members demonstrated the machine they created for participation in national competitions this year. The after school club appears at a Riverbank Federated Women’s Club gathering each year about this time to show off their skills for the club, which helps sponsor them. Advisor Heidi Pagani, right, holds a demonstration object the robot is to pick up and place on a simulated rocket during competition. Ric McGinnis/The Times

The recent Riverbank Federated Women’s Club meeting was invaded by an artificial intelligence, created by local students for competitions across the country.

The “Iron Patriots” Robotics Club from Beyer High School demonstrated its skill and ability using the robot they created for this year’s national competition. Although the club is based at Beyer, students from other high and middle schools have participated in the creation and competition phases of its development, according to advisor Heidi Pagani, including students from Riverbank High. Some of the Beyer students also live in Riverbank.

The number 4135 on the robot and the team's shirts indicates the position the club was assigned when it began, Pagani said, noting that there are now more than 9,000 robotics teams across the nation.

Officially an after school club, the robotics reflect the school’s dedication to furthering STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) studies for both boys and girls.

The group made its presentation to the women’s club to show how the money the club has provided was used to further the robotic activities and competitions.

The women’s club raises money with its public events to provide a number of scholarship awards to local students, particularly girls, to help further their education, according to President Mary Wolgamot.

The group meets monthly, but takes the summer off, so in May, it will have its installation of new officers for next year.