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Roselle Avenue Project Continues Into New Year
Roselle work
Traffic on Roselle Avenue backs up, first going north, then south, as the roadway is limited to one lane during the day as pipe laying work continues. Ric McGinnis/The News

Pipe-laying construction continues on Roselle Avenue in western Riverbank. The posted finish date on the project continues to be pushed back ... and pushed back.

Begun late last summer, the work is being done by a contractor working on PG&E’s gas pipeline. The construction dates are posted on electric signage on either end of the project, at Patterson Road and also Westgate Drive, formerly Crawford Road.

What began as being posted to complete in August, it was extended as each deadline arrived, then a new one, weeks later, would be posted. Most recently, the finish date was posted as Dec. 31, but over the Christmas holiday, a new schedule, Dec. 31 - Jan. 31, appeared.

The ensuing rerouting of traffic through the work area is but a minor inconvenience, sometimes requiring a detour for trucks in the area, sometimes merely letting one lane direction go, then the other.

The most disruption is when work is being done in front of driveways to the businesses and homes along Roselle. Granted, the road work is happening during the day, but patrons, like at the Dollar General, or homeowners trying to come and go from their property, find it difficult at times to navigate the heavy equipment involved in digging the trench, or actually laying the pipe.

As the Westgate end of the project is being reached, it’s possible it might actually happen by the end of the month, but that’s less than two weeks away.

Roselle Road work
By Ric McGinnis