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School Board Hopeful Coker Outlines Priorities

(Editor’s note: One of two candidates for the Riverbank Unified School District was out of the area when The News sent out its “Q&A” seeking commentary. Candidate DeLayne Coker’s answers are included here; candidate Katie Wedge was featured in the Oct. 26 issue.)


The General Election will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 8 and in Riverbank there is one board seat open for Riverbank Unified School District Area 2. On the ballot for the Board of Trustees race are DeLayne Coker, a retired transportation coordinator and parent, Katie Wedge. Following are Coker’s responses to the questions.


Why are you running for the Riverbank Unified School District Board?

Really the reason is I am a lifelong resident of Riverbank. I really love the community, the families, and the children. I have worked and volunteered with the children in the community for a little over 35 years. Educating kids is really important to me and giving them a good foundation. I just think they need a good foundation and a good education to help them.


How long have you lived in Riverbank?

All my life. My husband and I both grew up here and we are high school sweethearts. We have been married for 44 years. We raised our family here and my children went to Riverbank schools. The old families in town know us but the town has grown so much. There are so many new people here. When I was a little girl there was about 1,200 people in town and now we have almost 23,000 so that is quite a change. When I was a child, you couldn’t get away with anything because everybody knew your parents. I truly do love living here and I just love the kids. That is one thing I miss about being retired is seeing the kids every day on the bus.


If you do get voted in on the board is there anything specific that you want to change or are looking to do?

No, I don’t see anything that I want to change. I just want to make sure that all students have the same opportunities as others. I would like to make sure that sports are very important for children in high school and junior high level but I would also like to see the arts take on the same importance as athletics.


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I was a stay-at-home mom and I was really lucky I got to do volunteering. We did girl scouts and I coached little league and started the swim team here in town. I used to volunteer in the classrooms, I did that for years and the school library also. I got a job when both of my girls went to school. I worked at the school district driving a school bus. I became a trainer and then the transportation coordinator and I did that for about 27 years. I have worked with hundreds of children and their families. I also worked with dozens of teachers and school administrators and the district office personnel also. I think I have a unique perspective on the educational field since I worked so closely with a lot of different people that work in education and school classified employees.