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School Superintendent Search Goes Public

An Open Forum has been scheduled to get community input in the search for a new superintendent for the Riverbank Unified School District.

The date for the forum is Wednesday, May 15 and the session is planned for 5 p.m. at the Riverbank Unified School District Board Room, 6715 7th St., Riverbank.

The school district’s board of trustees is in the process of conducting a superintendent search, with the recent resignation of Dr. Daryl Camp to accept a positon elsewhere. The board has selected Leadership Associates to advise the board and Dr. Sally Frazier, Juan Garza and Tom Changnon of Leadership Associates will be in the district on May 15 to facilitate several sessions with various groups in the community to receive input about the desired qualities and characteristics for the next superintendent.

The board is soliciting responses to the following questions: What personal and professional qualities for an incoming superintendent will be a match for the Riverbank Unified School District; and What are the strengths of the District, and what are the challenges you see for the District in the coming years.

In addition to the various sessions on May 15, the district will host the evening open forum, which is an opportunity for the general public to provide input and hear more about the search process.

An online survey will be available as well, on the District’s website, from May 15 through May 22; visit

Those who can’t access the online survey can forward written responses to the two questions to Penny Pyle, Executive Assistant, Leadership Associates,