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Schools Pull Lunch Meat
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There is no meat on local school menus that was provided by the Westland Meat Company and ordered recalled by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Riverbank school district trustees were informed on Feb. 19.

The State Food Distribution Program previously ordered a hold on use of any meat products processed by Westland Meat and on Feb. 19 issued an order to recall all those products.

"Any ground beef product which was on the menu that had contained this meat was taken off as soon as we were notified of the hold," said Food Service Manager Carol Cantwell. "I can assure you that any beef products currently on the lunch menu at both Riverbank High and Cardozo Middle School Central Kitchen are not from Westland Meat Company."

The recall, she said, was designated a Class II due to the remote possibility the beef would cause adverse health effects if consumed.