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Score The Best Deals This Presidents’ Day
Presidents’ Day is prime time to get great deals on any number of items.

February is packed with meaningful events and holidays. From Groundhog Day to Black History Month to Valentine’s Day, there are plenty of significant events on the calendar in the second month of the year.

Presidents’ Day is one such event. Presidents’ Day was initially established to honor the nation’s first president, George Washington. In fact, according to the United States Government, Presidents’ Day is still officially called “Washington’s Birthday” in section 6103(a) of title 5 of the United States Code governing holidays for federal employees. Washington’s Birthday was celebrated on February 22.

After the Uniform Monday Holiday Act was passed, Washington’s Birthday was combined with the celebration of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday (February 12) to commemorate these two iconic figures in American history. The day also has become a way to promote retail sales during a historically slow time of year for retailers. As a result, the holiday is now celebrated each year on the third Monday of the month, and is now called Presidents’ Day. It also now pays homage to all American presidents.

Presidents’ Day is an ideal time to get great deals on any number of items, as many key products tend to go on sale this time of year.

Furniture: Furniture discounts peak in January and during the three-day Presidents’ Day holiday. This is prime time to grab a new sofa, dining set or any other pieces of furniture needed for the home.

Large appliances: Appliances also are on sale this time of year. Buyers can get discounts on new refrigerators, washing machines or even stoves.

Home goods: Rounding out the list of deals for home goods, bed linens, towels and kitchenware are often available at steep discounts around Presidents’ Day.

Winter clothing: Retailers already have started putting out their spring lines and items as they plan ahead for warmer weather. Grab heavily discounted winter gear, especially coats and boots, before it’s all gone.

Mattresses: Presidents’ Day weekend is an excellent opportunity to try out various mattresses and replace old ones with more comfortable models, according to Consumer Reports.

Tech: Shoppers may be able to snag discounts on items like televisions, accessories to use with cell phones, computers, and more.

Presidents’ Day is an opportunity to study and celebrate American history, and it also offers a chance to benefit from great deals on many items for the home and more.