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Second Recall Drive Surfaces
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The drive to recall Riverbank City Councilmembers Dave White and Jesse James White appears to have been joined by another move to recall Councilwoman Sandra Benitez.

Recall organizer Dorothy Nygard has stated her reasons for wanting the Whites recalled and has helpers collecting signatures on a petition. At the last count they needed about 1,800 valid signatures to put the recall on the November ballot and had collected about 1,400.

The reasons, according to the Riverbank Citizens for Fair Change website at www., include allegations Dave White has not paid all the taxes against his property, made racist remarks at a council meeting and was recalled before for impropriety in politics. The charges against his grandson, Jesse James White, claim he is on misdemeanor probation for driving under the influence and possession of marijuana and did not live within city limits at the time he was elected.

The two websites directed against Councilmember Sandra Benitez are and www.

They allege she was absent from council meetings for several months last year without council approval as required by state law. She has explained to council this was due to a painful illness and known to City Manager Rich Holmer. The allegation goes on to claim that though disqualified by absence she then falsely claimed to be an incumbent at the election. City Counsel Tom Hallinan has ruled she was not disqualified by her absence.