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Shelter pets bring the love as they look for homes
Big Papa is just one of the many adoptable dogs that will be showcased at the Oakdale Animal Shelter for a pre-Valentine’s Day adoption event, set for Saturday, Feb. 10. The shelter is at 9800 Liberini Ave., Oakdale and services the Oakdale, Riverbank and Escalon areas. Photo Contributed

It’s that time of the year when red roses, pink hearts and chocolates are everywhere and proclamations of love are on full display. The adoptable pets at the Oakdale Animal Shelter are also ready to make Valentine’s Day so much more special this year, in the ways that only a pet can.

In keeping with the holiday, the shelter is having an adoption event on Saturday, Feb. 10 to showcase all the beautiful animals who are ready to go to new homes. While many area shelters have been staggeringly overcrowded, Oakdale is proud to say that the shelter has been able to maintain reasonable levels because adoptions have been steady and because so many of the animals at the shelter are such good candidates for adoption.

“We are quite full, including several big dogs, which is not unusual, but these guys haven’t always been able to get their daily exercise due to the weather,” said Beth Crowley, Animal Control Officer. “But even with the dreary days and confinement, all these pups are maintaining their good humor and wonderful personalities. It is an extraordinary group of adoptable dogs to have in the shelter at one time.”

The stormy weather has played havoc at the small shelter which is tasked with finding dry space for everyone. The shelter takes dogs and cats from Riverbank, Oakdale and Escalon, and only has 10 inside kennels. With more dogs needing shelter out of the rain and wind, it has proven challenging for the staff to come up with a workable plan for all the animals.

“Our staff gets very creative when it comes to finding dry, warm space for the dogs, but this group of dogs has made it easier because they are so sweet and get along well with others,” said Crowley. “Our work is made easier when they are so nice.”

Kim Haas, a shelter volunteer, agreed that this particular bunch of dogs is special in that they are all so good-natured.

“Most of these dogs have so many good attributes they should be easily adopted into homes, even if they have other animals or small children. All our dogs are exceptionally well-mannered and gentle, and with some training, will make beautiful companions and family pets.”

Crowley urges the public to come out to the shelter on Saturday, Feb. 10 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. to meet the dogs and cats residing at the shelter. They will be eagerly waiting to meet their future families.

The Oakdale Animal Shelter is at 9800 Liberini Ave., in Oakdale. Hours are Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; the phone number is 209-847-5625.