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Sights On Science - Cardozo Breaks Ground
The new science building at Cardozo Middle School is on its way to becoming a reality, as a groundbreaking ceremony was held Sept 18.

Prior to the ceremonial turning of the dirt with "golden" shovels, comments were provided by Cardozo Principal Kevin Bizzini, Riverbank Unified School District Board of Trustees President Elizabeth Meza, RUSD Interim Superintendent Dr. Daryl Camp, Student Body Vice President Yvette Reyes, and eighth grade science teacher Florencio Estrada.

Principal Bizzini said that the science building is the final project of a three-project objective that RUSD started - the other two being the Riverbank High School gymnasium and Adelante High School with a bond. He said that the contractor C.T. Brayton & Sons told him that it would be approximately six months to finish the project, depending on weather, and they expect the science building to be open around March or April 2013. Bizzini said they hope to get the science teachers and students moved in by that time.

Student Body Vice President Yvette Reyes said that the new science building will enable students to use state of the art science equipment.

"This is a great thing for our student body so things will be less chaotic in science classes," Reyes said.

Bizzini noted that the building will be a classroom with amphitheater style seating and a state of the art lab. He added that the building will not be connected to the old building but it will butt up to the shop and seventh grade science classrooms, and that it will also be accessible inside from the "old" building.

"We're investing in our children. We're investing in our staff. We're investing in our community," said trustee Meza. "...I want to prepare our children for the future. I want to prepare them for the university."

Dr. Camp said it's possible to have the next astronaut or the person who cures cancer learn science in the new building.

"As a board and as a district, we will continue to strive to prepare our children for the future," Meza added.