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Solar Solutions Reviewed For The City Of Action

Facility Solutions Specialist Jessica Ritter with SitelogIQ recently presented the Riverbank City Council with an energy efficiency project proposal. The company proposed a number of solar locations, lighting replacement and HVAC upgrades. The Council directed staff to continue forward with SitelogIQ and develop a Letter of Agreement (LOA).

During the City’s strategic planning session it was discussed to have new innovative energy efficiency and micro grid projects within the City of Riverbank. It was stated in the summary of the agenda item that over several years the city staff has met with a number of companies that provide those energy efficient solutions. The proposed projects have been large scale projects which included large dollar amounts and solar locations that were not reasonable. During the presentation the proposed sites for solar that were discussed included the Community Center parking lot, Riverbank Police Services parking lot, Whorton Park and the Wastewater Treatment Facility.

The goals of the program that were listed in the presentation were to achieve long-term cost savings through reduced energy usage and Solar PV, upgrade antiquated and inefficient HVAC and lighting equipment, provide General Fund Relief, and provide comprehensive funding solutions. The HVAC at City Hall South could potentially be replaced and the interior and exterior lights could have LED upgrades throughout the City.

The summary noted that all four locations would produce a combined 1,510,090 kilowatt-hours of power to offset power usage at all four locations. The total project cost identified (at this preliminary stage) is approximately $5,704,974. SitelogIQ has proposed two funding options will be discussed at length during the presentation. In broad terms, one funding option would make use of a portion of the City of Riverbank ARPA funding (to reduce the financing amount) and would result in a net 30-year savings of approximately $11,823,828. The second funding option using no ARPA funding, thereby requiring financing of the entire project would have a net 30-year savings of $6,591,295.

The City Attorney will work with SitelogIQ on a LOA which is a commitment for the design of the project between both parties. The City would be responsible for $82,500 to SitelogIQ for the design process.

The project updates will be brought back to the city council at a future meeting. For more details and specifics visit

The next regular city council meeting will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 14 at 6 p.m., in-person at Council Chambers and virtually.