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Sorensen Park Draws Complaints
Riverbank city officials are contemplating making changes at Sorensen Park following a neighbor's complaints about people who frequent it at night and whose unruly behavior ranges from noise, profanity, vandalism, and possible drug use and drinking.

Randi Beasley's home is located "within 15 feet" of the community park on Donner Trail just west of Squire Wells Way in the Crossroads area.

Beasley complained the culprits gather at a table located in the dark at the back of the park and she recommends moving the table forward into the light. She also recommended replacing an existing three-foot fence between the park and a pedestrian-bicycle trail with one six to eight feet high. A padlock placed on that gate has helped but a higher fence would do more to deter youths.

Assistant Public Works Director Jerry Meyer said the table could be easily moved if it is only bolted to the ground. City Attorney Tom Hallinan, sitting in for absent City Manager Rich Holmer, said the city will return with suggested changes and cost estimates at the next city council meeting.