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Special Meeting Brings Fire, City Back To Table
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The City of Riverbank will be meeting with the Stanislaus Consolidated Fire Protection District Board of Directors on Thursday, May 2 at 5 p.m. at the Station 26 meeting room, 3318 Topeka St., in Riverbank to discuss the Crossroads West Project. Currently the city and the fire district have entered into a tolling agreement which gives both entities some time to come to a compromise.

City Manager Sean Scully and the city attorney along with representatives from each of the landowner groups in Crossroads plan on attending the meeting to discuss developer fees and other issues that the SCFPD has brought to the city regarding the Crossroads West Project.

“The goal from my seat is to lay out what the key issues are from the fire district’s perspective and figure out what we can do on each one of those to sort of address them so they can feel comfortable with their ability to serve the project,” stated Scully. “Ultimately what it will come down to is if both parties can get to a point where the compromises make sense and the project is in good shape to move forward and the district is in good shape to move forward with whatever expansions they need to do to serve this area and areas beyond it.”

At a meeting SCFPD had a few weeks ago, Scully explained to the fire board that the city is very interested in making sure they can work something out. He added that they are very proud of the service they get from Consolidated Fire. They want to have a good relationship with the fire district and want to make sure that they are working collaboratively.

The Crossroads West Project is a huge project that has been in the process for quite some time and according to Mayor Richard O’Brien and Scully it is a very important project for the city of Riverbank.

The tolling agreement was viewed as a gesture of good faith by the city and they agreed to it because they believe that collaboration with discussions will help work things out. The tolling agreement will expire on May 12.

“The city’s goal is about moving forward,” stated Scully. “Find a fair compromise that provides a fee structure for the district to be able to do what they need to do to expand their services while at the same time balancing that very important need that the community and city have to remain competitive and affordable in our area. Those are the key things for us.”

This will be the first meeting in an attempt for the city and fire district to come to a compromise however there may be a few more to work out the complicated situation. If they do not reach agreement, the SCFPD also has the option to move forward with litigation.