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Streetlight Illuminates New Driveway On Roselle
Construction nears completion on a new street light installed by the city at the new driveway to Dollar General. The work followed suggestions by concerned citizens made at a recent city council meeting. The city also painted new crosswalks at the nearby residential corners to make it safer for neighborhood patrons of the store. Ric McGinnis/The News
Lights 2
A recently installed street light illuminates the driveway at night at the new Dollar General store on Roselle Avenue in western Riverbank. The construction came following suggestions by concerned citizens who mentioned the safety of patrons of the store going to, as well as walking or driving out of the new store in the evening hours. Ric McGinnis/The News

Staff at the City of Riverbank recently responded to concerns brought forward at an earlier city council meeting, increasing safety for drivers and pedestrians at a new retail outlet on Roselle Avenue.

Several people have mentioned at council meetings their concern over how dark the area was at night. They also had noticed that patrons shopping on foot at night in the neighborhood were difficult to see crossing the street, along with cars entering the street from the Dollar General driveway.

The city erected a new light pole right next to the driveway and also installed painted crosswalks at the nearby street corners, north and south of the store. In addition, they included illuminated bright yellow pedestrian crossing signs near each corner.