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Studio Owner Bringing Some ‘WOW’ To The City Of Action
Owner Elizabeth Uribe, at left, gave guests a tour of her new shop, Wow Lash and Brow Studio, during the recent ribbon cutting event. VIRGINIA STILL/THE NEWS

There is a new salon in Riverbank that specializes in eyebrows and lashes called Wow Lash and Brow Studio. Owner, Elizabeth Uribe, is passionate about the beauty industry and wants every client to feel fabulous when they look in that mirror and say ‘WOW.’

“We live in Riverbank and I wanted to bring this to Riverbank because there is not a spot that specializes in brows and lashes,” expressed Elizabeth. “I have done extensive training and I have trained with celebrity brow artists, Kelley Baker and Melanie Marris.”

The Studio has been open since April 1 to the public and at the end of May the Riverbank Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting to welcome Wow Studio to Riverbank and introduce them to the community.

“My husband (Luis) said quit your job and go back to school and do what you want to do,” said Elizabeth on opening her own studio. “I was scared to take that leap. He has always been so supportive of me. He has been the one to push me. I talk myself out of things. He said, even if you go out of business at least you tried.”

There were several people that showed their support at the ribbon cutting including the Riverbank City Council, the Hispanic Chamber, Stanislaus County Supervisor Buck Condit, and many others.

Several local businesses donated items to celebrate the opening of the studio during the ribbon cutting like Starbucks on Patterson Road, Kiwis, Golden Valley Health Center, Action Fitness, and Get Toasted.

“I am so appreciative to them because they did not have to do that,” stated Elizabeth regarding the goods donated. “They donated their time, services and items. I am very thankful how the community came together to make this happen. I am so glad we had a good turnout and a lot of people scheduled appointments.”

Elizabeth has rented a space prior to opening her own shop and has regular clients. She attended beauty school and had aspirations of opening her own studio. The name and the logo were inspired by her daughter Vyvyana. The posh studio has earthy tones and a calming ambiance.

“I always wanted my daughter to be a part of it so that is why I chose the name,” added Elizabeth. “The logo and everything is for her. I want to leave something behind for her. I don’t want her depending on anybody. That is why we are here.”

All services offered at Wow are semi-permanent including tint brows, henna brows, and lash lifts.

She said, “We also do lash lifts as an alternative for people that don’t want to do the maintenance with the extensions. If you do lashes and your brows you don’t have to spend much time on it. I teach people how to fill them in. So, they can always have that completed look.”

When she had a rented space on McHenry Avenue, Elizabeth was offering all services including facials and body waxing. However, she wanted to specialize in eyebrows and lashes. Since COVID people have had to wear masks and the one thing that was always seen is the eyes and the eyebrows so it grew in popularity to have eyebrows and lashes done.

Wow Studio is open for business and is accepting new clients. Those that are interested can visit online to get more information or book an appointment or call 209-480-0882. They will take walk-ins if possible but there is no guarantee so booking an appointment is strongly suggested.

“I loved that they all came out,” noted Elizabeth of the ribbon cutting and open house. “There is nobody else that has my beds around here. I just wanted to be different from everybody. I want people to know that this is Wow studio.” 

Elizabeth Uribe recently opened Wow Lash and Brow Studio in Riverbank and received a certificate and plaque from the Riverbank Chamber of Commerce during the recent ribbon cutting. She is shown here with her son in the background. VIRGINIA STILL/THE NEWS
A ribbon cutting was held at the end of May for Wow Lash and Brow Studio, 2202 Patterson Road in Riverbank. Owner Elizabeth Uribe is shown here with her husband Luis, daughter and son and Riverbank Chamber members Monica Perez and Darlene Barber Martinez, who is also a City Councilmember. VIRGINIA STILL/THE NEWS