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Teen Seriously Injured In Hit And Run
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Police report a 17-year-old local boy was Police report a 17-year-old local boy was hit and seriously injured by a vehicle that left the scene of the accident on Thursday evening. He suffered some head injuries and was still reportedly in intensive care at a local hospital on Monday but able to talk.

The victim was identified as Miguel Cebreros, a student at Riverbank High.

The accident happed at the Patterson Road and Roselle Avenue intersection about 8:40 p.m. on April 22, according to Detective Mark Copeland.

Walking on Patterson Road, the boy was about three quarters of the way across the crosswalk at the Roselle Avenue corner when he was hit by a westbound vehicle turning south onto Roselle.

A neighbor told police he heard a "thump", came outdoors and saw no vehicle but found the victim lying injured in the street and called for emergency personnel.

Police said the boy was "clipped by a right front bumper" and described the vehicle as a small white pickup.

Coincidentally, Copeland commented, the boy's mother had just driven past her son walking along Patterson Road but it is unknown whether or not she saw him.

The incident is listed in the police log as a felony hit and run. Copeland said drivers in a hit and run sometimes panic and keep going when they should stop. He advised the person responsible here to call 869-7162 and contact the police, who will refer the incident to the district attorney before considering an arrest.