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Tenure Ends - City's Holmer Officially Fired
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Riverbank City Council members made it official on Wednesday, June 1 and formally fired City Manager Rich Holmer after keeping him on paid administrative leave for more than two months.

There was still no reason given for his suspension and subsequent dismissal.

Mayor Virginia Madueno said the council had voted in closed-door session to release him from his job as city manager "and that is all I will be able to say on the advice of our city attorney," she noted.

Council held two closed door sessions, one on Tuesday and a second on Wednesday, before declaring it had dismissed Homer. The vote was 4-0 in the absence of Councilmember Jesse James White, who had a conflict of interest.

White at one time accused Holmer of conspiring with Police Chief Bill Pooley to arrange a probation search of White's home and vehicle to get him arrested for drug possession.

Attorney Douglas White of Sacramento, whom the city retained several months ago to handle the Holmer issue because City Attorney Tom Hallinan Jr. of Oakdale declared a conflict of interest, confirmed the council had dismissed Holmer.

He also reiterated the city would pay Holmer what it owed according to his contract.

Holmer's annual salary, according to public records, was $156,469 and he drew about $3,000 a week from March 30 when he was placed on administrative leave until last week's termination of his contract.

The city owes Holmer five months pay or about $65,000 in severance pay. Additional payments for vacation and sick leave pay have not yet been calculated, according to city staff.

For legal help in securing Holmer's dismissal, the city will be paying not only Douglas White but also the law firm of Liebert, Cassidy & Whitmore of Fresno that investigates allegations of misconduct by government officials.

White indicated the firm's involvement when asked about an investigative report said to be in the preparation stage and eventually to be made public.

A Liebert, Cassidy & Whitmore representative said that firm has done business before with the White firm but added he was unaware a report in preparation on Holmer.

Hired as city manager in September of 1995, Holmer had served the City of Riverbank for 16 years and hat gave him the longest tenure of all nine city managers in Stanislaus County.

Appointed within a few days of Holmer's suspension, Pam Carder is currently serving as interim city manager. She first worked for Riverbank as its first planning director some years ago, became Lathrop's first city manager and was working again for Riverbank in the Local Redevelopment Authority when tapped for the interim city manager's job.