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Theatre Repair Costs Top $1 Million
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The Del Rio Theatre is at the moment unsafe for occupancy, has splits in some of the timber trusses besides other damage and will cost about $1 million to restore to a usable condition, according to a report to be presented to the Riverbank City Council on April 13.

Engineers Buehler and Buehler of Sacramento prepared the report and Silva Cost Consulting, also of Sacramento, did the cost estimates for HY Architects of Davis that the city hired to renovate the building.

The $1 million repair estimate figure includes around $700,000 for major repairs to ensure structural safety and another $300,000 for minor repairs including interior and exterior finishing, carpentry and disabled access provisions.

It also includes bonds and insurance, design contingency, escalation and profit and overhead.

Built in the late 1940s, the building has a main banquet hall, assembly area and second-story office in the south half of the structure and a restaurant and second banquet hall in the north part of the building, the report notes.

The main problem is excessive splitting in the timber roof trusses, some framing deterioration and missing bolts, which may be responsible for excessive rainwater ponding on the roof and possibly for the bowing out and exterior damage to the wall on the south side.

The roof over the restaurant and the framing in the office portion of the building is in better shape than to the south.

The city bought the building out of redevelopment agency funds several years ago with the idea of making it a performing arts center and a centerpiece of the downtown redevelopment now under way.