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There Was Music In Them Thar Halls
RHS Concert
Riverbank High staff member Cheryl Edwards performs a karaoke version of "The Rose" at last Friday's assembly at the end of the school day. She's up close to the laptop computer, on the table to the left, as many of her co-workers provide crowd support as if it were a concert or music festival, in the background. To the right is the large projection unit that shines the karaoke lyrics onto the wall above the lobby glass. Ric McGinnis/The News
Raymond Perez
Riverbank High Activities Director Raymond Perez shows off a bit of 'air guitar' action during his karaoke performance at an assembly last Friday. RHS teachers and staff, both individually and as groups, competed in the online event that was carried on the internet for which students voted a winner. Ric McGinnis/The News
RHS Karaoke
Groups of, and individual Riverbank High School staff and administrators gathered at an activity assembly in the Ray Fauria Memorial Gymnasium on campus this past Friday, Feb. 12, performing in an online karaoke contest. The event was broadcast live via the internet, with several hundred students logged in, voting for their choice of a victor. The action kicked off a three-day holiday weekend that concluded with the Presidents’ Day observance on Monday. RHS Activities Director Raymond Perez, at far left, offered his best ‘air guitar’ performance as part of this quartet. Ric McGinnis/The News

Those who were near the Riverbank High School gymnasium on Friday afternoon might have wondered if there was a concert going on. Well, after a fashion, there was.

In much the same way as during regular class weeks, Friday was an opportunity for RHS staff and teachers to stretch their creative legs and hold a ‘virtual’ assembly for students, online that afternoon.

It was Karaoke Day at the high school, with masked, and un-masked, performers, individually and in groups, lip syncing to their favorite tunes online, and seen by several hundred students.

In addition to the singing, of varying skill and duration, there was a little bit of dance going on, as well as just a touch of ‘air guitar’ wailing.

At the end of one song, most of the participants lifted their cell phone lights in the background of the performance, much like a concert venue sees.

Students participating online were encouraged to vote for their favorite performance. Little did they know, the grand prize for the top vote getter would be a smack in the face and all over the head with a pie tin full of shaving cream.

RHS Principal Greg Diaz was the ‘lucky’ recipient of that prize.

RHS Principal Greg Diaz
Riverbank High Principal Greg Diaz endures his fate as the 'victor' in last Friday's karaoke contest on campus. The competition was held online at the end of the day, with teachers and administrators participating as singles or groups in front of the student body. They voted online, with the winner (?) receiving the smash of a shaving cream pie on his head. Ric McGinnis/The News
RHS Emily Cowdrey
RHS Culinary Arts Instructor Emily Cowdrey pours her heart into her karaoke performance during a singing contest at an assembly last Friday from the Ray Fauria Memorial Gymnasium on campus. Individuals and groups of staff and instructors performed their best at an assembly that was broadcast live on the internet, with students at home, watching and voting for their favorite performance. Ric McGinnis/The News