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Three Candidates In Running For County Supervisor Post
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A trio of candidates appears on the Tuesday, March 3 ballot in the Primary Election for Supervisor District 1 – representing Oakdale and Riverbank on the Stanislaus County Board – and include Fire Captain Buck Condit, Councilman/Businessman Bill Zoslocki, and Electrician/Waterford Mayor Michael Van Winkle.

If one of the candidates receives more than 50 percent of the votes cast in the March 3 primary, they will win the supervisor post. Otherwise, the two candidates receiving the highest number of votes in the primary will run against each other in the General Election in November.

All three candidates were recently asked the same question; candidate Van Winkle did not respond. Following are the responses from candidates Condit and Zoslocki.


Question: In your opinion, what are the two most pressing issues that need to be addressed here in Stanislaus County – and what is your game plan for getting those issues to the forefront?

Condit: Our ability to improve the quality of life for the residents of District 1 should be our number one priority. This would include public safety, homelessness, agricultural land preservation, and fighting the state over our water rights. In addition our cities in Stanislaus County should be treated more fairly regarding tax equity with the county. The county has most of the money, but the cities know what their residents need regarding services. We must move towards more fairness for cities like Oakdale and Waterford. Constituent service will also be a priority if I am elected. I will have regular office hours throughout District 1.

Zoslocki: Water. If we should lose the water battle over unimpaired flows also called the Water Grab, if (you) think our cities and county looked horrible during the recent drought, guess what will happen when we must rely even more on our shrinking groundwater supply. We only need to look to the southern part of our valley and see the fallowing fields and orchards of man caused drought, estimated to soon be 500,000 acres. Finish the fight with the mindset of win or die, which for the Stanislaus County it will be one or the other. This means show up where needed and be a voice for our community, and I have been. I spoke and wrote letters against the State Water Resources control board water grab. I’ve visited State and Federal Legislatures on behalf of the water in our community. I’ve lobbied successfully for State and Federal Grants for the San Joaquin Valley Regional Recycle Water Project, which is now producing an additional 16,000 acre feet of water per year for our County. I am also a member of Stanislaus County Water Advisory Committee, and a member of the MID/Modesto Water Policy Committee.

Economic Development. Prepare for the future of coming local jobs by expanding diversity in local economic growth while supporting our historical industries. Not only do we need to assist in the ever-changing new economy but assist in the transition for our existing industries to remain effective, competitive, profitable and thrive in the future. Continue expansion of local and regional infrastructure (roads, bridges, rail). As example, quickly complete the remaining phases of the recently started state route 132. Support Phase 1 of the North County corridor and support the addition of Stearns Road/Highway 108 improvements to STANCOG ten-year strategic plan. Push to complete ACE Rail into Stanislaus County and beyond to Merced County. These are some of the projects I am working on and will continue to do.