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Training Program Scheduled For County ABC Licensees
Stanislaus County Sheriff

The Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department, through a grant funded by the ABC, Alcoholic Beverage Control board, will present LEAD training for alcohol beverage licensees and their employees in Stanislaus County.

The training will be hosted at the Stanislaus County Agricultural Center, Harvest Hall, 3800 Cornucopia Way #A, in Modesto. Date and time for the event is Tuesday, Nov. 12 from noon to 4 p.m.

The LEAD Program is a free, voluntary prevention and education program for retail licensees, their employees and applicants. It began on Jan. 1, 1991 with a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety. The training classes are offered at a variety of locations throughout the state.

Licensees or license applicants and their employees will be surprised at how interesting and informative the classes are. The classes include instruction on checking various forms of identification, detecting and preventing illegal activity, reducing liability and much more.

Each training class lasts four hours. At the conclusion of the class, there will be an exam on the material that was covered. Each person that fulfills all of the training requirements will receive a certificate, via email, certifying that they successfully completed a LEAD training course.

The mission of the LEAD Program is to provide high quality, effective and educationally sound training on alcohol responsibility and the law to California retail licensees and their employees.

The Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control expects and encourages licensees to act responsibly relative to their alcoholic beverage license privileges.

The LEAD Program provides the licensee and applicant with practical information on serving alcoholic beverages safely, responsibly, and legally, and preventing illicit drug activity at the licensed establishment.

Among the benefits of the training:

Reduces risk of liability, including criminal (court action), civil (lawsuit) and administrative (ABC accusation).

Possible reduced insurance premiums.

Provides ways to deal with difficult situations.

Other goals of the program are to keep alcohol away from minors and bring penalties such as fines, suspensions or revocations against businesses that violate laws.

ABC is a Department of the Business, Consumer Services and Housing Agency.

To register for the class, go to the ABC website at