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Turkey Trot Draws A Crowd
The annual Turkey Trot saw more than a hundred excited children gather at Castleberg Park on Tuesday, Nov. 25 to race for the prize of a frozen turkey and groceries for their families' Thanksgiving feasts.

Forget about trotting. These kids really ran. They circled the field at high speed and accelerated to the finish line to a storm of applause from watching parents and teachers.

They were breathing so hard at the finish, some of the smallest had difficulty hoisting the heavy birds over their heads in victory for the photographers.

It was a gray day with rain forecast to start that afternoon but it had the decency to hold off until nightfall and the event was spirited and enjoyed by all.

Recreation Supervisor Kerrie Webb directed the show with the help of her assistant Mendy McCall and many others while Courtney McCall dressed up in a colorful and inflatable turkey costume to present the prizes to the winning youngsters.

He event is organized each year through the Riverbank parks and recreation department.

Frozen turkeys went to the first three finishers in every age group while the next three to finish received brown paper bags stuffed with ingredients for a hearty meal on Thanksgiving Day.

The girl winners - first through sixth and by age group - were as follows: Five to seven years - Alexa Gutierrez, Miranda Delgado, Stefany Ruelas, Yuliana Rivera, Kimberly Vargas, and Kacie Figueroa.

Eight through 10 - Clarissa Morales, Astrid Meza, Anorea Delgado, Daeshya Battle, Yosemite Ruelas, Isabella Calderon.

Eleven to 12 - Elissia Paxia.

Thirteen to 14 - Laticia Joven and Lenicia Lopez.

And the boy winners were:

Five to seven - Gilberto Jimenez, Jesus Quintero, Bruno Cajaro, Anthony Hernandez, Bryant Torres and Esteban Garcia.

Eight to 10 - Tracy Wheeler, Ramiro Deanda, Nathaniel Martinez, Martin Baltazar, Julian Montoya and Kahlil Thorne.

Eleven to 12 - Xavier Joven, Victor Jimenez, Alex Mora, Rubin Reyes, Adrian Calderon and Felipe Fernandez.

Thirteen to 14 - Tristen Platt, Roy Randall and Vernon Pierce.