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Unique Gifts To Give Reluctant Recipients
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Even those who say they don’t need or want any gifts for the holidays can enjoy homemade or home baked items, a visit with friends or a year-round gift such as a subscription service.

Quite a number of people take pleasure from finding gifts under the tree and then having the opportunity to tear open the wrapping paper and see which treasures are inside. But there also is a category of people who claim they have all they could ever need and want and insist that gifts are not necessary. In such instances, what are gift-givers to do?

Some people prefer to eschew gifts because they simply do not have the funds to reciprocate the generosity. Seniors may be reticent to accept gifts because they’ve already obtained many things throughout their lives and could be at a point where they’re downsizing and simply do not need any more material things. Others could be overwhelmed with clutter and have decided that a minimalist approach is the way to go. A little investigation may be necessary to get to the root of the no-gift mindset and then gift-givers can decide whether they should buy a loved one a gift or find another way to show how much they care.

Offer something handmade. Gifts come in all shapes and forms, and handmade gifts – particularly the consumable kind – won’t take up space and can show just how much you care. Craft a personalized batch of wine, bake a cherished family recipe, develop a uniquely scented bath fizzy, or harness another creative talent you may have. If the gift is handmade, there is a bigger chance it will be received with grace, even from someone who is reluctant to receive gifts.

Give new life to a cherished item. Think about an item that may be a loved one’s most prized possession. Perhaps it is a porcelain doll from childhood or a photograph that can use reframing? Offer to have such an item repaired or restored if it’s starting to show its age.

Offer an experience as a gift. Research from Harris says three-quarters of millennials prefer experiences over material items, and are spending more on travel, cultural events and dining out than objects. Even people who are reluctant to receive gifts may appreciate the gift of an experience that can broaden their horizons.

Explore useful gifts. These types of gifts may include gift cards to a frequently used supermarket, membership to a fitness center or even enrollment in a roadside assistance club. A subscription to a streaming movie service also is a great and useful gift.

Gift of company. Sometimes the best present is the gift of one’s presence. If a recipient really wants nothing, perhaps an evening spent together in one another’s company will make a great gift.