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Volunteers Turn Out For Spring Clean
Frank McHugh is used to hard work. Maybe he was just brought up right. Some time after much younger members of the clean-up crews in Saturday's Sam Jackson Action Day decided they'd finished and stepped into the shade to chat, McHugh was still at work raking grass in the yard, carrying trash out of the alley or doing something equally exhausting in the hot sun.

McHugh and his family are regulars at Riverbank's annual spring clean. Over the years, he has been down on his knees planting flowers outside the post office, then again planting flowers at the Jacob Myers Park entrance. This time he had chosen the really laborious stuff.

"Therese, my wife, didn't feel well, Starbucks called Gemma in to work early and Josh is doing something over at his school, Enochs High," said McHugh, wiping the sweat from his brow. "But I brought Allyson (his other daughter). She's in her first year at MJC."

The McHughs were laboring among more than 20 other people to clear and beautify a large, overgrown property on Turpin Avenue. The owners provide care for a number of foster children, said city employee Michelle Garcia who organized this year's event, and really needed the clean up help.

The Best Buy store, due to open at the Crossroads this Friday, had sent a work contingent of its general manager Dan Nerat, Anthony Jones and Garth Reinhardt plus a flat of flowers for planting. The Target store, not to be outdone, had a team of several employees onsite led by Darlene Martinez. Target workers also planted flowers around The Rocket at Jacob Myers Park.