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Weekend Rally Promotes Unity
AAPI Rally
There was a prayer vigil held in Modesto this past Saturday in support of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and unity against hate and violence. Photo Contributed

There was a prayer vigil held in Modesto this past Saturday to show solidarity with Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. Riverbank City Councilmember Rachel Hernandez was one of the speakers that addressed the crowd that day.

“It was a beautiful vigil to honor the lives of those killed in Georgia but also (those lost) to gun violence in general,” stated Hernandez. “I felt I needed to speak because often, we talk about the problem. We know what the problem is and it’s complex. We need to start talking about solutions because they’re complex too.”

Several people attended the event including leaders in the faith community, AAPI Leaders, and local elected officials. With the surge of anti-Asian hate crimes throughout the country Hernandez and others hope to unite the community and stand together against hate and violence with the event.

“The event went well overall and there was a sense of unity,” added Hernandez. “Some let me know that my message resonated with them about taking action to finding solutions for social justice problems we’re seeing. The mass shootings we are witnessing are a symptom of a larger, more complex problem that will require complex solutions. I asked the attendees to figure out how they can be a part of the solutions. This can be by having conversations with friends and family, volunteering with organizations or elected officials, and voting.”