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Work Continues, Traffic Diverts As Dollar General Being Built
lane change
Lane changes on Roselle Avenue in Riverbank, required by trenching for and installation of water and sewer lines that crossed the road, created an interesting diversion for drivers there during work days recently. They made their way through the maze of traffic cones and other safety signs along the way as the work was being done for the new Dollar General store there. Ric McGinnis/The News
Construction workers installing piping for water and sewer service to the new Dollar General store being built on Roselle Avenue in Riverbank utilize a backhoe to dig the trenches and a Bobcat to lift and place the large water main valves to be installed on site. Ric McGinnis/The News

Travelers on Roselle Avenue in Riverbank lately have had to wend their way through a gauntlet of traffic cones and A-frame barricades as construction continues there.

Especially impacting the road are the trenches dug across it to route sewer and water pipes for service to the new Dollar General construction site.

Some chatter on social media sites has expressed curiosity about the location of the store site, seemingly in the middle of residential neighborhoods.

When queried, city staff has pointed out that much of the property along Roselle, especially heading north up to Patterson Road, where Monschein Industries is located, is actually zoned Commercial/Industrial, with the houses that are located on those lots considered pre-existing, non-conforming uses.

That may be because many of them back on the BNSF rail yard.

Presumably, this means, at some point in the future, that side of Roselle could become all business or industrial sites, as residential uses get replaced over time.