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ZBoards On Display At State Capitol
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Some Riverbank entrepreneurs and City Mayor Richard O’Brien were scheduled to take part in a Tuesday, March 11 press conference at the State Capitol, focusing on electrically-motorized skateboards.

The event, a press conference hosted by Assemblymember Kristin Olsen of Modesto, was slated for 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, after The News went to press. Along with O’Brien and Olsen, the co-founders of Intuitive Motion, Inc. of Riverbank, Geoff Larson and Ben Foreman, were due to appear.

Assembly Bill 2054 deals with the electrically-motorized skateboards and Olsen was slated to discuss the bill at the conference, as it would permit the use of the electrically-motorized board as an alternative mode of transportation.

The Zboards of Intuitive Motion were on display and demonstrated at the press conference, with an opportunity for legislators to try riding them.

The conference was at Gallegos Square, on 11th Street between K and L streets in Sacramento.

Intuitive Motion is one of the tenants in the former Riverbank Army Ammunition Plant on Claus Road, which now is an industrial and business complex. The firm last year was the first prize winner of a $20,000 award from Utah-based Grow America firm, which helps finance and promote small start up businesses.